• I am a full-time music conservatory student, waiting to take over the world dividing my time between surviving assignments, finding time to practise, and wondering about my hopeless future state of affairs.
  • In case you were wondering about that point, think Nodame. Without the GYABOOOOO~~.
  • I like to waste my time. This can be considered one of these diversions.
  • What I think and what I say/type are sometimes polar opposites. Has to do with brain processing.
  • Although I am of a completely Humanities education background, I am extremely unoriginal in blogging expression. Therefore, you will find copious amounts of quotes by (and links to) greater bloggers in my posts.
  • I am notoriously irregular in updating. My blogstats look more like what you see on a heart rate monitor. In case you’re wondering, that shouldn’t give you reason to stop visiting this site.


The phrase ‘oi shibi!’ comes Xam’d episode 11 where Raigyo repeatedly calls Akayuki ‘shibi’ (newbie). It wasn’t funny, but it kinda got stuck in my head after about 3 times. Oi Shibi! was created on 2 Oct 2008 for 2 reasons:

  • A week of pure crap. I have since discovered that getting into Catch-22 situations while caught in heavy rain will elicit hysterical laughter from myself, a yangirekko phenomenon that indicates no loss of sanity in other areas of my life. (This is all relative.)
  • Pure frustration at searching for Nijuu Mensou no Musume spoilers. There were only RAWS out at the time (and as of present), so it kinda got on my nerves that I was forced to watch them without having a damn clue of what was going on (my Japanese has not reached the level of fluency). Since I had the noble intention of not letting anyone suffer what I went through, I decided to set up a blog to feed my own and cyberspace’s needs. Unfortunately this has proved to be very taxing since I take more than 2 hours to get one post done. Nowadays I go quasi-episodic and focus more on major tropes in each episode, but it hasn’t cut my time at the laptop.

Still here? Then arm yourself with a little faith in the indestructibility of this blog, and hop on for the ride. Cheers.