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instead of Desperate Housewives, maybe you should try Desperate Noblemen

Many thanks to Kitsune for this much-awaited info. As ANN (and Saishin Anime Jouhou) tells us,

The Fuji TV television station has posted a 14-second commercial that announces the January 15 premiere of the Genji Monogatari Sennenki Genji (The Tale of Genji: A Millennium-Old Journal: Genji) television anime series.

I wonder what took them so long. Perhaps this is a sign. An EPIC sign. Trailer here. Let the tiny screen fool you not, CG screams ‘WATCH MEEE!!’

ALSO, i forgot to update in my winter ’09 post that the series will not be epic anime based on epic manga based on epic novel. It will be epic anime based on EPIC NOVEL. Now if that doesn’t get you to sit up during this long and dreary winter, nothing will and you will rot under pinecones of suck till spring comes.


Sorry for not updating for eons everyone, but since the subs aren’t coming out fast enough (other than for Tales of the Abyss for which i don’t care to watch right now) and i’m in the midst of my A level exams, i won’t be back until after 26 Nov. You may have already noticed this if you happened to pass by my information page on the site, i was too lazy to announce it =/ Here’s to surviving the next 3 weeks of hell.

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