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Ga-Rei Zero

Production: AIC Spirits, asread

OP: Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost

ED: Mizuhara Kaoru – Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru

In a season where pretty much all of the awesome shows (except Xam’d) have been hampered by cretinously slow subbing, Ga-Rei-Zero stands out in the crowd for its compelling plot, strong character presentation, and of course the awesome fusion of sci-fi-exorcist action. Depressing, disturbing and violent you say? You ain’t seen Mouryou no Hako or Shigurui yet, so stop recoiling and let’s get with the program.

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 yeah Ken, it's over

Geh! If i hadn’t looked at this i would never have known that GRZ stopped at 12. (Yes it sounds horrendously stupid and ignorant.) Since i’m too lazy to repeat/paraphrase myself, my general thoughts on this ep cluster shall be moved to the 10 min reviews section.

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ah, the joys and innocence of youthclearly the pocky habit came from Yomibinding my soul to that thing, no way. now if it were Sebastien...Mei, another victim of stunted screentime

Urgh. Looks like i’m gonna have to churn out 5-ep reviews for the time being. Not good, cos i’m not the type who can condense 5 eps’ worth of material into a coherent, intelligent review. More often it becomes a lamefest of stupid screencaps and, well, more stupid screencaps. They’re not even funny, i’m aware, with the exception of Kuroshitsuji. The faster the better.

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First of all, woohoo to the fact that they didn’t go the way i expected. Secondly, it seems now that the producers are focusing on the Team no.2 and katana girl’s links with them. That’s fine and all, but how on earth will they link ep 1 to everything else? Heck, i don’t really care actually, the action’s good enough to keep me hooked for now. I really need to take Nihongo lessons when my exams end, i’m fed up having to wait for subs and missing out on all the scoops while everyone else is battering away at their keyboards.

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After struggling with all the computers in the house last week, i have finally given up. I will post in school from now on. Lately the broadband connection has been cooperating very well, so i’ve had the chance to catch up on Eve no Jikan and (unfortunately) go back to Ergo Proxy. Also, i’ve been stuck in the music studio for 1.5 days and counting because A level submission of my music compositional portfolio is next morning. As you can see, i’ve been watching stuff to prevent myself from going insane, and i am highly embarrassed delighted to say that Ga-Rei-Zero bashes all the expectations i had.  I have a sneaky suspicion that this week’s episode is either a prologue to the real juice, or that whoever’s left afterwards will be the main protagonist. Research on the manga last week proved to be useless, because the anime apparently has little or nothing to do with it.

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To make sure i don’t forget, i’ve typed a list of everything i’m planning to watch.

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