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 yeah Ken, it's over

Geh! If i hadn’t looked at this i would never have known that GRZ stopped at 12. (Yes it sounds horrendously stupid and ignorant.) Since i’m too lazy to repeat/paraphrase myself, my general thoughts on this ep cluster shall be moved to the 10 min reviews section.

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When i finally get darned Photoshop up and running at home, i will post screencaps with abandon. For now, readers (if any) will have to suffer text, text and more text with stupid interjections scattered in places. Ep 12 was a good solid one, though not as cohesive as 11. I am very pleased that Ishu’s character is much, much more complex than her outward snappy sergeant demeanour, and it’s very likely we’ll see more of her in the weeks to come. Furuichi, however b/tarded he is, has to get some credit as well for being a redeemable loser with an inferiority complex, and as much as i hate him right now, i hope he’ll reconcile with Akayuki eventually. And, of course, accept that he can’t beat a haxxor Xam’d in contending for the hand of Haru =/

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