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Of Black Swan and Fooled by Randomness fame, that is. Ever since i picked up the former late last year (Kinokuniya sales, banzai), the more i associate with society, the more i get disillusioned and disgusted with it.

So much so that i get elated beyond belief when i have a job offer rejection. Those who fancy a good bitchslap, read on.

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FYI, i’ve just received the biggest shock of my life as i’ve accidentally deleted the entire content of my first 2 posts. All because i was fiddling around with the WordPress functions and trying to do the equivalent of the LJ cut, which operates entirely differently from the ‘insert more tag’ here. Oh well. Can’t live life without learning, can we. At any rate, i’ve duly learnt my lesson. I’ll try to salvage the other posts on Monday or so, but i don’t think it’s of much importance.

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