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With a dampened (or, what’s the word, DRY) sense of humor.

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I joined. Does that signify progress?

I guessed as much, NO IT DOESN’T. That was just me being annoying.

By the way, if the site undergoes metamorphosis and looks nothing like an anime blog, rest assured it’s under way. I need to redo my banner after i accidentally threw it into a school laptop and it got sent for reformatting, which essentially means it’s gone. Yeah. After all that trouble. And i’ve got an incomplete banner exchange!

Sorry for not updating for eons everyone, but since the subs aren’t coming out fast enough (other than for Tales of the Abyss for which i don’t care to watch right now) and i’m in the midst of my A level exams, i won’t be back until after 26 Nov. You may have already noticed this if you happened to pass by my information page on the site, i was too lazy to announce it =/ Here’s to surviving the next 3 weeks of hell.

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