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I am so peeved that this thing comes out only once every 2 months. I shall send telepathic messages to the producers to beef it up to at least 13 eps and come out twice a week.

yeah, just like we think scholarlies like Light are innocent lambs

So, you may ask, why do i think this series is teh shizzle? For the simple reason that it cleverly spins a sci-fi tale which belies a larger, more pointed social commentary on discrimination in reality. MInor gestures or events at every turn suggest something more or less than innocence, once you remember that this is a story about interaction between androids and humans. On the other hand, this is the only series i’ve ever felt remotely intelligent enough to blog about so far. Just goes to show how miserably lacking in cerebral agility i am. Btw, Almost A Hero has a dated but awesome review of the previous 2 eps that i cannot resist plugging, i suggest you go check it out, especially since it compares Eve no Jikan with an earlier production called Mizu no Kotoba/Aquatic Language.

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Whee. Another sci-fi series. Although i don’t understand why this series is being aired once every 2 months. It gives too much time for viewers to forget about the plot in general, not good if you want them to stay hooked.

Go Nagi! Use your pwnage flirtation skills!

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