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in the end, Tarzan gets Janeprice of one bento - one eyeprice of one mikan - a life

Oh Kakisu. Why can’t you just let us hate you all the way. And lulz ‘big gorilla’. Couples sure come up with interesting insults for each other.

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Ga-Rei Zero

Production: AIC Spirits, asread

OP: Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost

ED: Mizuhara Kaoru – Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru

In a season where pretty much all of the awesome shows (except Xam’d) have been hampered by cretinously slow subbing, Ga-Rei-Zero stands out in the crowd for its compelling plot, strong character presentation, and of course the awesome fusion of sci-fi-exorcist action. Depressing, disturbing and violent you say? You ain’t seen Mouryou no Hako or Shigurui yet, so stop recoiling and let’s get with the program.

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 yeah Ken, it's over

Geh! If i hadn’t looked at this i would never have known that GRZ stopped at 12. (Yes it sounds horrendously stupid and ignorant.) Since i’m too lazy to repeat/paraphrase myself, my general thoughts on this ep cluster shall be moved to the 10 min reviews section.

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i know how you feel, Kanba - i was struck dumb by revelations too

The operative phrase here being ‘i want answers’. Indeed, ep 20 has offered a hell lot of them, along with more plot twists and other, er, interesting finds. Perfect gift for Christmas, this loot.

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MIA #1 MIA #2this familiar, girls?

Meh. Xam’d’s greatest strength has become its greatest weakness: the ‘what the hell is going on’ syndrome (WTHIGO). You can’t go ‘i dunno what’s happening, but FTW I DON’T CARE WOOHOO’ forever. Still, i think there’s a good chance of salvation, given the sheer amount of thought that’s clearly been put into this series. Although i’ve had issues with the frustratingly static motion in the past few episodes, Ep 19 serves to eradicate some of the irritation by speeding up some things. (At least Ishu and Raigyo have gotten a move on. Love his new outfit.) Not to mention the Ahm excuse-making, that was plain hilarious.

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Sorry for not updating for awhile again, chaos currently reigns at home (and for the next week!) because of major renovations and repairing leakages. I just spent the whole day with my mother searching for new hall and dining room lights, and my subsequent headache is being aggravated by having to stare at the laptop screen surrounded in total darkness. Looks like Xam’d is accelerating course again. Kakisu evilness, brainwashing, Haru awesomeness, multi-usage, one-eyed black tadpoles and more fill up the highlights of the past few weeks. Since i’ve noticed that alot of searches are about the ‘Regarding Enemies’ lecture that seems to have reappeared, i’ll use it as a context for the others. Also, i’d like to get rid of it asap, i’m sick of having to rewind the damn thing and hearing ‘Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. Lazy’ over and over and over AGAIN.
coming from him, that's a surpriseas if her waking up isn't creepy enough, she's now a mouthpiecebetcha didn't see that coming, Kakisu

I am so peeved that this thing comes out only once every 2 months. I shall send telepathic messages to the producers to beef it up to at least 13 eps and come out twice a week.

yeah, just like we think scholarlies like Light are innocent lambs

So, you may ask, why do i think this series is teh shizzle? For the simple reason that it cleverly spins a sci-fi tale which belies a larger, more pointed social commentary on discrimination in reality. MInor gestures or events at every turn suggest something more or less than innocence, once you remember that this is a story about interaction between androids and humans. On the other hand, this is the only series i’ve ever felt remotely intelligent enough to blog about so far. Just goes to show how miserably lacking in cerebral agility i am. Btw, Almost A Hero has a dated but awesome review of the previous 2 eps that i cannot resist plugging, i suggest you go check it out, especially since it compares Eve no Jikan with an earlier production called Mizu no Kotoba/Aquatic Language.

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ah, the joys and innocence of youthclearly the pocky habit came from Yomibinding my soul to that thing, no way. now if it were Sebastien...Mei, another victim of stunted screentime

Urgh. Looks like i’m gonna have to churn out 5-ep reviews for the time being. Not good, cos i’m not the type who can condense 5 eps’ worth of material into a coherent, intelligent review. More often it becomes a lamefest of stupid screencaps and, well, more stupid screencaps. They’re not even funny, i’m aware, with the exception of Kuroshitsuji. The faster the better.

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LADIES AND GENTS OF THE OTAKUSPHERE, YOURS TRULY IS BACK. And did i forget to mention that i am typing this at 4.52am, GMT+8, AND AM NOW OFFICIALLY 18 YEARS OF AGE?!?!?! Let’s get the party started!

Ok, i’ve missed out on a shitload of stuff thanks to my 26 days’ worth of absence, but i’ve managed to catch up on everything except Tales of the Abyss, which i think i’ll abandon due to lack of interest. Skip Beat, Michiko to Hatchin, Nodame Cantabile Paris or any combination of the 3 are likely to replace it. Wanted to stuff in Gundam 00 as well, but i’m starved for time as usual because i have other antisocial activities that fill up my daily schedule. I’m sorry in advance for the lamer screencap tags, my wit needs some warming up with a few more reviews.

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First of all, woohoo to the fact that they didn’t go the way i expected. Secondly, it seems now that the producers are focusing on the Team no.2 and katana girl’s links with them. That’s fine and all, but how on earth will they link ep 1 to everything else? Heck, i don’t really care actually, the action’s good enough to keep me hooked for now. I really need to take Nihongo lessons when my exams end, i’m fed up having to wait for subs and missing out on all the scoops while everyone else is battering away at their keyboards.

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