With a dampened (or, what’s the word, DRY) sense of humor.

With regards to linguistics in general, I’ve been slipping. Absence of constant contact with (supposedly) erudite people which in other words just means verbal bitchfights in which your vocabulary should rival top Scrabble players tends to have a rather detrimental effect on your ease of language. Eloquence being besides the point, even simple sentences have left my mouth half-finished and mangled at various points in time. Is it any wonder why the WordPress Dashboard seems particularly enticing recently?

Needless to say, I’ve taken an extended amount of time off watching anime. I don’t particularly feel like listing all the reasons down, lest they sound like a recitation of excuses. (One of them involves my eyes, and it wasn’t a pretty affair.) But I will say that besides resuming the upward climb to literate proficiency, part of me wants to go back to the bad old days of going down the rabbit hole: getting 2 hours of sleep, burning my eyes out at the laptop, analyzing every episode to death, jumping at every symbolism and non-symbolism, the feeling of having achieved something beyond empty-headed watching. And then undoing everything (because i am a rationalist with nihilistic and self-destructive tendencies) and going back to the simplicity of enjoying anime as an art-form, which deserves as much as all the rest to claim the term.

In some ways it isn’t really going down the rabbit hole at all. There are existential vignettes even in the most abstract, surreal images; and after all, that is the way art should truly be. (As Nietzsche said, ‘Art is essentially the affirmation, the blessing, and the deification of existence.’) Perhaps that is the reason why i hardly include so-called ‘daily-life’ series into my anime diet, unless they have something spectacular to offer (and that is something that can almost never be predicted, at least by myself). I’m going back to square one, to start from scratch at a less hysterical pace. Keeping tabs of what I want to watch this spring/summer would be a start, although this will be particularly difficult since all my major commitments start colliding together at the speed of light then. And before that, catching up on almost-finished series from past seasons, particularly Eve no Jikan (thank God for Crunchyroll), cleaning up the blog, replying ancient comments/requests –  all that pizzazz. I no longer want aim for the forefront of aniblogging, like some rabid tabloid reporter, nor do I especially desire to re-integrate myself into The Community (never did, anyway); now I would rather prefer to hear my own thoughts, sans all the unnecessary noise, as I bang them out on the keyboard.