in the end, Tarzan gets Janeprice of one bento - one eyeprice of one mikan - a life

Oh Kakisu. Why can’t you just let us hate you all the way. And lulz ‘big gorilla’. Couples sure come up with interesting insults for each other.

You know, ep 22 should have had a subtitle below ‘Tojiro and Ryuzo’ that says ‘Wish Fulfilment’, because that’s exactly what it deals with. It didn’t hit me until i watched it a second time; it’s precisely this little ingredient in life that everyone wants that brings them crashing together with the magnificent speed of a trainwreck….only it isn’t. Yet. Touch wood.

It doesn’t take a Humanform scientist to figure this out, actually. Ryuzo and Fusa are stuck in that Men-from-Mars-Women-from-Venus conundrum where each wants reciprocation of their  oft denied love for each other, but have typically and vastly different interpretations of how that reciprocation is to take form. All hail couple spats, for they be the light and salt of the relationship earth.

(WP is obviously being a bitch to me, because these lines weren’t meant to be struck out. Also, my picture uploading function has also screwed up, hence gallery format.)

Then we have Kakisu and Kanba, the exasperatingly tsundere pair that makes me grit my teeth each time they appear because then i will have to do pseudo-Jungian analysis on them. To save my agony, i will attempt to stereotype condense my thoughts in a few sentences. K&K are 2 sides of the same coin; both are second-class citizens desiring some sort of acceptance in their various social circles: Kanba by whom he deems Gods (or high priests, actually) aka Azami (we’ll get to him in a while), Kakisu by his mother and Prois?. I hated all the tacked-on revelations at the end, i felt they would have worked better before he got shot in the head…oops. At any rate, because i like to satirize Freud and his students, FTW the Oedipian vibes, although technically he needed a real father to make this theory work. Does it help that he also had a twisted SM desire to die (and tried to help it along by being neo-Hitler)? Not to mention creepy as hell when his corpse cried. Clean-cut deaths are always scarier IMO.

And Prois! How could i forget Prois? Suppressed love/desire for Commander = what drives her throughout the whole shebang, much like AkiHaru, though it’s unclear why they (implicitly) broke up in the past. It might also be read as a substitute for the love she never received from her father (seems that soldiers come from really shitty families here).

The complete bathos that came after that CS-esque break-in by our Three Musketeers was another sudden move that made for great dramatic effect (as well as bringing home the fact that Kakisu didn’t earn his stripes just for being a b/tard): the greatness in this scene wasn’t in the realization ‘in times of crisis, people are driven to do X and Y and Z’, but how ‘people’ refer to everyone in the show. It was somehow tragic and reviving at the same time to see Midori’s father bitchslapping soldiers left and right, only to find Midori gone (hell, he even forgot his vow to see them both get carted off) and Ryuzo mentally snapping (guess what they say about bottling it up is true). The exchange of words during the showdown between Kakisu and Ryuzo explores (in a slightly stilted way) the evergreen dilemma of duty vs. loyalty, much like Gurren Lagann and countless other anime have done.

The Jibashiri really got my goat this time, even though i should have seen this coming eons ago. Like Hao in Shaman King, their idea of ‘saving the world’ just means ‘we do a Great Flood aka we try to be God and mess up the world order and start all over again with the survivors we deem righteous’, which sounds like and should sound like a complete shitfest which AkiHaru have been unwillingly pulled into. Speaking of AkiHaru, i’ve only just noticed how complementary their outlooks on life are. OGT did an excellent job of analyzing this long ago, for some odd reason i understand his tl;dr posts about 90% of the time compared to those on some other equally tl;dr blogs…

Here i find it necessary to compare all the Jibashiri we’ve been introduced to thus far, or at least those who do the most talking (Nazuna doesn’t count). Azami represents the truth most of us like to bury, the best example being his mindraep telepathic reading of Kakisu just before his death. This is foreshadowed by the conversation between Kakisu and Prois before he leaves for the war memorial; rather ironically, Kakisu the captain is steering his own ship of lies. Indeed, it is Kakisu’s unable to face the truth of his very being that causes him to murder Azami. (Conversely, Kanba seems to drink in it, but that’s another can of worms.) Whatsisname purple cloak appears to be like so, but more sinister agendas are clear as he snaps trying to preserve the status quo of Xam’d (Akiyuki). On the other hand, i still don’t have a real first impression of Sannova despite all the shit she’s been directing all this while.

Also to be noted is Ishu & co.’s offensive against the Hiruken Emperor, mainly for those pearls of Ishu retorts and Raigyo’s Xam’d pwnage and his immortal advice. Xam’d goes all out on the PEWPEWPEW when needed, which is very welcome for i sorely need my PEWPEWPEW fix. FIRE AWAY TO EP 23 AND BEYOND!

P.S. Haru is a Tamayobi, which means you don’t have to be a Tessican to be one. Keep on whacking the revelations, Xam’d.