yeah Ken, it's over

Geh! If i hadn’t looked at this i would never have known that GRZ stopped at 12. (Yes it sounds horrendously stupid and ignorant.) Since i’m too lazy to repeat/paraphrase myself, my general thoughts on this ep cluster shall be moved to the 10 min reviews section.

I’ll just put down what got my goat here:


Talk about having crappier and more tragic endings than Blassreiter for some characters. Yomi gets my award for Worst Life Experience. With the domino effect of father murder-adoptive sister biatch-will manipulation-getting disabled to near vegetative state circumstances, is it any surprise that she went ‘SILENCE I KILL YOU’ Sesshouseki mode? Not to mention not being able to commit suicide.

O venerable Kazuki,thy kickass soul shall forever live onsob.

First you kill off Tooru, now you slaughter my favorite GRZ man Kazuki like a pig! AIC Spirits/asread, how could you!

Noriyuki and Kiri both lose their marbles in differing degrees,

don't get mad, get Mirokuohmygawd i shouldn't have said it


Noriyuki becoming a hippie psychic (and a pervert, as the manga suggests),

Fuuchoin Kazuki pawaa!of all the awesome minor characters, why?!

and Kiri being shipped off to mental hospital. And this after merely 15 minutes in 2 eps of her battle awesomeness!

 the disability aids of the future?hell, she's alive, well, and giving herself lung cancer

Also, while the words ‘anime’, ‘fiction’ and etc. automatically mean ‘suspension of belief’, Ayame’s wheelchair battle with Yomi completely knocked my socks off. As biankita so succinctly put it, ‘Ga-Rei-Zero went where Sunrise didn’t dare to go with Nunally’s wheelchair.’ Amen. On the other hand, does anyone else think Ayame’s grandma looks like Yubaba from Spirited Away?

Ep 10 was so redundant that i was tempted on more than 5 occasions to skip the whole shebang and fill in the blanks for myself (and perhaps spare myself most of the Kazuki grief), and Ep 11 had some animation messup to the point that some faces looked conspicuosly skewed. And in the end, we never knew what was up with Tooru, Yomi, Kazuhiro and female corpse in the 3-years-ago ‘Great Event’.

 untitled2untitleduntitled1untitled3untitled4we eat Pocky to commemorate our fallen

Other than all these gripes, what i appreciate about GRZ is that aside from all the action pwnage, it really is a dedicated series that tracks the character growth of both a protagonist and an antagonist (can’t really say the same for some others though). Not only that, it presents us with the perennial moral conundrum of duty vs. love in ways that are..not so irritating. If they don’t make a season 2 based on the manga it’s fine with me, i don’t really want to see an ecchi Nori in animated action any more than i want to see creepy boy Kazuhiro again, who by the way also happens to be a sex fetishist who likes using Sesshouseki as sex toys.