i know how you feel, Kanba - i was struck dumb by revelations too

The operative phrase here being ‘i want answers’. Indeed, ep 20 has offered a hell lot of them, along with more plot twists and other, er, interesting finds. Perfect gift for Christmas, this loot.

be glad it wasn't the 13thbut at least Furuichi-douchebag isn't around!naisu catcho!deja vu taken to another levelDio somehow made his way from Last Exile to Xam'd

The bottom line for this week’s ep was ‘big change, mass movement’. Minor characters are taking greater action, protagonists have arrived one step away from their destination. I LOL’d at the mass resignations Kakisu suddenly found himself indunated with. Top-down bureucracy never works.

voyeurism, a necessary duty in the line of dictatorshipwas the title any indicator to go by?

Midori is getting more pitiful by the week. On the other hand, there isn’t any excuse left for Midori to earn anyone’s sympathy now: she has progressed from Nazi fanatic to someone fully aware of what she signed up for. What drives her now to constantly ‘engulf’ herself in Kakisu’s ‘madness’ (Kanba’s sentence there was brilliant) is probably her desire to lead a life outside her disabled state, even if it’s more/less than what she bargained for. Since even her family (=Haru) doesn’t understand how to carry out that desire, she’ll go to whoever implicitly claims with vindication that they can fulfill it. Btw, i never really understood when or how she got that leg. The Hiruko planting or from the beginning?

that position looks uncomfortably like.. i don't want to know howO_X

Kanba normally doesn’t elicit anything more than bewilderment or disgust from me, but this week was absolutely hilarious for some reason. I never took much notice of all the gayness surrounding the scenes between him and Azami before this, but this scene takes the cake. What interests me more, however, is the fact that his quadriplegic state is ‘just a crutch for a vulgar body’.  What’s the significance? What would’ve happened if he didn’t disguise himself like so? His practically worshiping Azami also passed right over my head until the Tessik village episodes; compare the maidens’ admiration/awe of Nakiami, a supposedly ‘purified’ Tamayobi in the service of Lady Sannova. (The parallel is even stronger when you remember that Kanba is a Tessican.)

a dictator needs to know alot of things

Which leads me to another point: the concept of Ruikonism as a religion is rather central to Xam’d on almost all levels. They oughta make it a college course or something, like Tolkenian Linguistics. This is apparent even in the tiny details like meal prayers (Sumako and Yunbo, for example) and word structure (language that is centred around nature – Kisel’s funeral speech; in this respect Ruikonism has a slight resemblance to Wiccanism). Further up the scale we see even greater religious reverence in the Tessican society, and at its height Sannova and the Jibashiri. The Great Pilgrimage (whatever it is) seems to be a relatively well-known thing, considering even Kakisu is aware of it.

war doesn't need reason, just good ammoThe Kite Runner's Hassan in reverse birth originsthe irony was so bad it actually hurtClaymore should have waited before finalizing Awakened character designsshinies = winthe initial shock was monumentalhe's not only being useful, he's growing up too!everyone's humaneven Nakiami

Although Kujireika’s gone Xam’d-berserk, i can better understand her position as Queen Bitch de-facto leader of the Tessik village. Given her relationship with Nakiami isn’t blood-related, this raises even more questions about Nakiami’s origins as a Tamayobi (allegedly born of a common nursemaid). If i understood it correctly, Tamayobi are something like spiritually gifted people born once every few decades or just rare in abundance, subsequently chosen to participate in a purifying ceremony conducted by Lady Sannova. Still sounds like mumbo-jumbo to me, so i hope they’ll clarify this soon. If Ruikonism is central to the Xam’d society, then racism is a foundation block of the Xam’d connection to real life. Just flick through a random ep in the series and you’ll definitely find at least one instance of Tessican discrimination. Like American coloureds of old, they’re relegated to the worst places of ships, subject to daily bullying or being mentally wiped from public existence, and slapped with stereotypes (eating while cross-legged). So while Kujireika’s measures to protect her people are rather ludicrous, they’re at least understandable, considering the tyranny the Northern/Southern governments practise – FTW bombing villages just to get ship fuel! At the same time, Xam’d spares nothing in showing us characters who are as humanly flawed as they are multi-dimensional. Nakiami and kid (forgot his name) both demonstrated that, i thought that was a great scene.

the clothes maketh the Xam'd

Keep inventing those great outfits, BONES. I don’t care if they’re Eureka 7 imitations, Raigyo got me hooked.