Sorry for not updating for awhile again, chaos currently reigns at home (and for the next week!) because of major renovations and repairing leakages. I just spent the whole day with my mother searching for new hall and dining room lights, and my subsequent headache is being aggravated by having to stare at the laptop screen surrounded in total darkness. Looks like Xam’d is accelerating course again. Kakisu evilness, brainwashing, Haru awesomeness, multi-usage, one-eyed black tadpoles and more fill up the highlights of the past few weeks. Since i’ve noticed that alot of searches are about the ‘Regarding Enemies’ lecture that seems to have reappeared, i’ll use it as a context for the others. Also, i’d like to get rid of it asap, i’m sick of having to rewind the damn thing and hearing ‘Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. Lazy’ over and over and over AGAIN.
coming from him, that's a surpriseas if her waking up isn't creepy enough, she's now a mouthpiecebetcha didn't see that coming, Kakisu
When this first appeared in the series, i was too lazy to try to understand it. Though i’m still none the wiser, i have become aware that it’s becoming another crucial factor in piecing together the plot as we go along. In addition, since i’ve discovered that noone has bothered to discuss it properly, i might as well get first dibs on it :p (I feel like i’m doing Lit PC all over again.)
not again.T___Ti can't believe i actually have to post all these crap screenshots here...
To start with, consider the topic of the lecture. ‘Regarding Enemies’ is a rather neurotic/schizophrenic approach to uncovering one’s true enemy among men. The underlying message of this lecture, from start to finish, is that this ‘true enemy’ is always in existence, but unable to be found. A lack of eagerness to discover enemies (read: PEACE) is condemned as ‘lazy’, a detriment to living life fully. Does this tell you anything about how things are being run right now? The world of Xam’d as we know it is steeped in conflict. On the simplest level, there’s the Northern vs. Southern Government. Adding to the mix are enigmatic characters like Zeygend and Ishu and co., who have unclear motives but are willing and ready to join in the fight on their own terms, and small factions like the Tessicans headed by Kujireika who retaliate against disruptions to their way of life. And of course, we have our protagonists Akiyuki and Haru, who simply want to return life back to normalcy. Finally, we have characters that are supposed to subscribe to the ideals of their factions, yet realize that they must go against them to do what is right. Haru’s encounters with her commander and the Sentan Island general are examples. Let us go back to the ‘lazy’ part. It looks like something a psycho would say, but seriously, which sane person ever starts wars of conquest with immeasurable casualties? It’s as good a comment on the state of real life as well as fiction.
pushing her down the stairs would be a less painful option than selling her soul to the armyHELL no.
To seek enemies = to subject oneself to paranoia. To explain further, this means all trust will automatically dissolve and you’ll start looking at your friends, family and the odd passerby as though he or she’s a terrorist in disguise. Perhaps the bird outside the window has a tiny but fatal bomb implant that will explode at a given time and blow up a 100-m radius. The narrator warns us against ‘awaiting’ our enemies, ‘lest it violate us’. In other words, he tells us to be on guard against anyone and everyone (‘And for that day, my claws, teeth, ears and hands are ready’). And this is what the army on Sentan Island propagates, if you haven’t noticed already. The move of getting Midori to work for them is reminiscent of the Nazi youth movements of WWII; it not only increases their pool of eagerly trigger-happy labour, it also helps them to keep an eye on their relatives to check if they’re revolting, down to the tiniest gesture. Harmless Xam’d like the mother-and-child pair are mercilessly shot down for merely wandering about and staring at a creepy-looking eye tower. If the ridiculity of the concept hasn’t already struck you, it should now.
and you realize to make yours more amusing, though.Kakisu evilness 100%who knows...
Personally, i think the reason for the reappearance of ‘Regarding Enemies’ is to shed more light on Kakisu’s character…or to make it more convoluted. We now have an issue of ‘who is evil-er?’ when it comes to Kanba vs. Kakisu. Apparently (i just realized) they’ve completely exchanged roles since ep 7, where Kakisu appears appalled at Kanba’s Hiruko research. As i mentioned in the last Xam’d post, Kanba now seems merely driven by scientific thirst for knowledge. (In fact, he seems to be in remorse for his research in his conversation with the Jibashiri boy — has his name been revealed? I have a problem with remembering names.) Even as a scientist, when asked to use the latter as another experiment, Kanba finally draws the line between research and moral transgression. Kakisu has no such scruples. Along with this suggestion of using the Jibashiri, he considers using Midori as similarly expendable labour, the b/tard. Still, he just doesn’t seem to fit in fully with the mindset advocated by ‘Regarding Enemies’; bearing the incident in Ep 7 in mind, he reiterates his disgust for his own participation in ‘monster research’. What he wants, apparently, is victory on his own means, not on the whims of others. Sorry, but i’m completely at a loss as to analyzing this particular character. It’s nigh impossible. All i can say is that he’s starting to resemble Hitler more and more.
does it help that wrist-cutting is considered an honour here?that ain't the best partthat's like saying you implanted Sesshouseki multiple times. Erk.don't deny it. you gotta hand it to her.HA.Haru pwnage!
On the other hand, i rejoice at the long-awaited arrival of full-blown Haru pwnage. She officially joins the ranks of anime females who actually stand up for themselves and don’t wait around sighing for their beloved. Although the ‘rape me!’ part was rather overkill, it kills any remaining doubts of her resilience. That last scene of Kakisu kicking the prison table upon discovering her escape was pure satisfaction…but announcing that you lost the prison key and letting someone escape sounds rather ludicrous if you ask me. That was a rare weak point in the series. Also celebrated is the arrival of queen bitch Kujireika, who claims to be Nakiami’s sister. Along with crazy wrist-cutting rituals, multiple Hiruko implants and whatnot, Xam’d is seriously gearing up for serious business. Unfortunately, i can no longer keep up with the barrage of unexplained technicalities scattered throughout the past few weeks. What the hell is the Quickening Chamber? the Great Pilgrimage?
in cahoots with Zeygendit...eats.crud. what next?i shouldn't have asked
Zeygend and the Zanbani crew are also hooking up to do battle, but with whom? The Hiruken Emperor, most likely. We still don’t know what connections Ishu has with him, i’m looking forward to that part. Akiyuki is still in his Xam’d face mode, only now being followed around by a diminutive form of the Black Spirit that ‘violated’ Nakiami in Ep 12. Not only can it telepathically communicate with the old lady (Sumako), it can also eat, act as a loudspeaker and encourage you to remember your name. Fascinating, if not for the fact that it’s called a ‘darkness’ that will ‘consume’ Akiyuki soon.