I am….not pleased. No lame screencaps today, the crapness speaks for itself. Apologies in advance for the rant.


First of all, there is little to review in these 2 eps and i can sum it up in, let’s say, a few screencaps and accompanying text. Like so:

Ep 8

The Spirit Dog really exists in the form of a largely inflated Kiba from Wolf’s Rain,


Nekkid bishie (later known as Pluto/Pleute/whatever) from last ep turns out to be Spirit Dog,


Sebastien demonstrates his awesomeness as usual, this time as a dog tamer (how humiliating for him),


A geyser (read: hot spring) for the future village resort is unearthed while this is being done,


Everyone merrily goes home with Pluto in tow.


Ep 9….let’s just say it involves a ridiculous amount of chasing Sebastien around with ye olde camera with the film threaded upside down. There is no substance to it, and unless you like watching brainless fillers, animal molestation, or can’t get your shotacon/yaoi fix elsewhere,  i advise you to skip the entire fiasco.

To put it simply, it appears that the producers suddenly had a burst of inspiration to completely disregard the manga (not that that’s a bad thing in itself), attempted to stitch a whole new plot together, and botched the job miserably. As much as i love Sebastien’s weekly displays of hax, i can’t survive on it without a substantial plot, otherwise it just becomes another Rosario+Vampire. (I have to remember to purify my computer after typing that repulsive title.) A most unsatisfactory conclusion to the Spirit Dog case! What happened to Finny’s backstory? Plus, i don’t quite appreciate that they toned down the violence of SIr Henry’s murder with the over-kawaiiness of Pluto, or that the show seems hell-bent on making perpetual fools out of the 4 servants (with the occasional exclusion of Tanaka-ji). The reference to Sir William Henry Fox Talbot in ep 9 was wholly unrelated and not funny. The only redeeming factor came only at the END of ep 8, pwnage evil Angela, who unfortunately has also gone unexplained after all the tantalizing hints throughout this case. Ugh. Somebody help, please.

On a wholly unrelated point, is it just me or are shows nowadays borrowing from each other? Examples:


Nijuu Mensou in Xam’d


Xam’d in Ga-rei-zero


Xam’d in Kuroshitsuji (= Raigyo’s Spirit camera)

I leave it to you to determine.