There’s a surprisingly blah anime buffet awaiting me this winter, to which i have mixed responses. This, of course, depends on alot of factors. I say blah to this winter because

  • i didn’t watch season 1 of Birdy the Mighty Decode or Natsume Yuujinchou, both of which were reputedly awesome series, so my choices have been narrowed considerably
  • almost everything this season is a sequel, or else an adaptation of some game/manga/movie/novel/etc.
  • i’ve had enough of bloodbaths and pantyservice, and with these 2 factors Queen’s Blade seems particularly repulsive from what i could find
  • many of the new offerings seem to be yuri-flavoured; bad for me since i swing the yaoi way
  • no dorama-turned anime for me, thankyouverymuch, i wish to retain my fond memories of Winter Sonata and Bae Yong Joon
  • i had a case of eye-glazing because my mental faculties are underused, so i got lazy.

On one hand, it means i will become a grouch once the series i’m covering end. On the other hand, it means my workload has been cut by a sizeable proportion. Oh well, the least i can do now is to pick out the potentially better meat in the market for y’all, so here you go.

i'd share their enthusiasm if i could

EDIT: Added Japan air dates.

Ride Back (11/1/09)

take me to 2020, quick!

Scifi, student rebellion, hax transport technology.  The allure of the kickass motorbike never fades. And you can’t have kickass bikes without battles of epic proportions. Eh hopefully i’m not too traumatized by Blassreiter to approach this series, but it looks like a good show. Naming your bike Iron Horse will never be a bad thing.

Kemono no Souja Erin /Beast Player Erin (10/1/09)

she can control dragons too. not to be messed with.

Taken from here:

After Erin’s mother, a veterinarian, is executed for allegedly killing a batch of fighting snakes, she is raised by a beekeeper and meets the king of the animals in the mountains. She is inspired to become a veterinarian herself, a decision that will put the fate of the kingdom in her hands.

Ohmygawd, an estimated 50 episodes. After quite a few years of exposure to nothing but 20-ish ep series, i’m not sure if i can survive the long haul. But oh what the hell, it’s time for me to challenge myself anyway. The title ‘Beast Player’ comes from the fact that Erin can control animals like playing an instrument.

Genji Monogatari Sennenki /Tale of Genji (unconfirmed, approximately Jan 09)

mentally salivate. you know you want it.

Epic adaptation of epic manga based on epic historic literary work. Interesting. The Tale of Genji is considered by some to be the world’s first novel, and written by a noblewoman at that (feminists should rejoice). It revolves around the romantic life of the Emperor’s (allegedly hot) son Hikaru Genji, so you know what to expect – the delish mishmash of politics, tangled love webs, conspiracy and steamy affairs. For more information, Wikipedia has an extensive article on the original text here.

Axis Powers Hetalia(24/1/09)

egad, they even have a drama cd

I leave this last because i feel this is the only winter anime worth watching for me. The fanart speaks for itself; if not, then the sheer ‘whut?!’ factor of political satire/parody. The term ‘hetalia’ is a jibe at Italy, since the word apparently originates from ‘hetare’ (useless) and ‘Italia’. I’m all for tsundere North and South Italy. This thing is LULZ personified. But if only they looked as good as their fanarts

That should be about it. If i got anything wrong please don’t hesitate to correct me. Cheers to 2009!