Before i proceed, dear readers, i would like you all to stop doing the one thing that spikes my blood pressure:


Wildly fluctuating stats. ‘Nuff said.

apparently they forgot he merely took over their duty to destroy the house

Let’s make this easier by categorizing what’s going on in a few newsflashes.

Real Tanaka - the phenomenon that occurs once every few monthsand if you think that's ludicrous, think againhere be another demonstration.......poof

Newsflash #1: Tanaka-san is actually Nijuu Mensou in disguise.

i'm sure he was delighted with the suggestioncouldn't have agreed more.well, they do say that laughter is the best medicine

Newsflash #2: Undertakers are seriously….disturbing.

the trauma of crossdressingor rather, the furycheer up Ciel, it would have been worse if he were an ugly git

Newsflash #2: Sakamoto Ma’aya disconcertingly demonstrates her aptitude for voice-acting alternately as a boy and a girl, all within the short timespan of 5 minutes. And Ciel showcases his range of SD faces to great effect/hilarity.

and thisand......this.oh my god, he even puts on fake lashiesSebastien is MINE, you perverti rest my casei thought the cinematic replay thing was ultimate pwnage. 2nd to Sebastien, of memory, everyone looks prettyprolonged exposure to 4 nitwits severely damages your memory retentionMadam Red, to the end

Newsflash #3: Perhaps the real Scotland Yard ought to take note, Jack the Ripper is discovered to be Madame Red and butler Weil Sutcliffe, who is actually a Shinigami too horny for everyone’s good. The genius of this historical allegory lies in the supernatural aspect. Can’t find him = nonhuman = case closed. Ain’t that great?

Spirit Dogso much for ' Queen's watchdog'le sighnekkid bush man. this calls for juicy plotlinesthis village seriously creeps me outKuroshitsuji excels in the sinisterthe only thing i can think of is 'wolverine'oh dear

Newsflash #4: If you haven’t already noticed the numerous ‘watchdog’ references throughout the series, there is a copious amount of it in ep7. This series clearly revolves around alot of these allegories. I want to know who the nekkid guy always in the bushes is, not just the confirmation of my suspicion that he’s the Spirit Dog. Also, Finny seems to be more than just an idiotic side character (much to my relief) from the snippets of flashbacks we’ve been shown.

And as usual, my spam of Sebastien’s pwnage-ness. Thou shalt not deny it. LET THE SPAM BEGIN.

heavenly culinary creation, week 3i have suspicions that Batman originated from hereSebastien, the only man alive to look good in a bonnetChiaki, i think you should come over and grab himSebastien, secret service agentSebastien, the indestructiblethat is so Sailor Moon, but i don't careyou have no idea how much satisfaction that gave meif that's the last thing you ever see before you die, you wouldn't careheavenly culinary creation, week 7

Speaking of Sebastien, the little that has been revealed of his contract with Ciel is enough to keep me hooked (other than the pure joy of watching utter coolness personified, of course), and i simply can’t wait until the next ep has been done away with, assuming that this week wraps up the Dog village case. I think they did an excellent job of portraying the near-zombified villagers though. It just goes to show how easily people can be manipulated into doing something by just playing on their fears. Especially in the context of the Victorian era, with which the witch-burning obssession is commonly associated. Must have been easy for politicals that time: ‘He’s a witch! and i can prove it!’ Voila, no more enemy. By the way, dog fighting is far from a historical sport. It still flourishes in quite a few countries, most of which are ironically economically developed nations. It’s the same with other animals, you can read up on it here and here as well. Should bring out the inner animal rights activist in you.