LADIES AND GENTS OF THE OTAKUSPHERE, YOURS TRULY IS BACK. And did i forget to mention that i am typing this at 4.52am, GMT+8, AND AM NOW OFFICIALLY 18 YEARS OF AGE?!?!?! Let’s get the party started!

Ok, i’ve missed out on a shitload of stuff thanks to my 26 days’ worth of absence, but i’ve managed to catch up on everything except Tales of the Abyss, which i think i’ll abandon due to lack of interest. Skip Beat, Michiko to Hatchin, Nodame Cantabile Paris or any combination of the 3 are likely to replace it. Wanted to stuff in Gundam 00 as well, but i’m starved for time as usual because i have other antisocial activities that fill up my daily schedule. I’m sorry in advance for the lamer screencap tags, my wit needs some warming up with a few more reviews.

that's the look of Igor Frankensteinsans the trouble of having to assemble a bodyyour dirty schemes don't work on Akiyuki, you creep!note the broken arm for the attemptBesides the ridiculous offer, i wonder if that guy is even a kid at alldidn't think so. he pwns Kakisu anytime.

As of present, we know that both Kakisu and Dr Kanba have issues with societal integration (note that Kakisu is presently under some kind of exile), plus comepletely different but equally sinister agendas in their heads. All Dr Kanba seems to want is, well, what any crazy scientist bent on invention and discovery at all costs wants. On the other hand, Kakisu is much more complex. Seriously, i still can’t figure out for the life of me what his real motives for being in this mess are. Consider his treatment of Akiyuki, the Humanforms and the Jibashiri. He clearly has no scruples with getting rid of Humanforms as quickly as possible, but he’s willing to negotiate with the other two (admittedly on his own terms). Note too that all of them are more or less considered life-threatening and dangerous by everyone else (which means the army, actually). What the hell does he want?

going for a bullfight, Furuichi?no wait, that's a, a spider......ow.Unfortunately, he forgot that he was supposed to buy 3 sodas before he killed himself

And…oh my god. They just let Furuichi unceremoniously cut his head off and die while ordering 3 sodas? As much as i hated the b/tard, that was pathetic. And he did reconcile himself with Haru and Akiyuki, in a way. Cool peas for the Hiruko mutation though. I’m interested to know why he couldn’t ‘make a Xam’d face’. What does that mean, really? That his hate was too strong?

Akiyuki has decided to become the first kamikaze Xam'dit's the Mask! it's the Mask!!?!?!?!no scruples with locking innocents up, as usualor brainwashing their family membersbut they haven't seen her awesomeness yet

Meanwhile, our poor Akiyuki has gotten Alzheimer’s from not being able to control his Hiruko. I found it unexplicably hilarious and tragic at the same time to see his Xam’d face stuck to his human body. Can anyone tell me what that curious black tadpole thing is, because i’m beginning to lose track of all the jargon that’s been thrown at me. I’m also extremely pleased to see that Haru remains an important secondary character. I was afraid they’d let her sink into oblivion after they locked her up.

YOU SOLD THE KAYAK?! HOW COULD YOU?!?and for this lout too, at that!at least he got cuter after he got over the punk boy attitudei know the law of inertia exists, but this is utterly ridiculousmaybe the green stuff is the answer to reviving coma patients in real lifedidn't know she was in cahoots with it

The troubling thing with this series, unfortunately, is that it’s showing signs of imminent trainwreck. It’s all very well to pull out all the stops from ep1, but stick everything into the pot at once and you risk losing control. Ishu and Co. are still, astonishingly, stuck where we left them at ep12! (Or was that 13?) The ‘like, whut?!’ novelty is wearing thin on me, and honestly, i’m terrified if this really becomes a trainwreck. Then i’ll have another series to gripe about other than Code Geass R2, Blassreiter, Nijuu Mensou and Lord knows what else. The producers must have noticed this, i think; next week shows Nakiami’s hometown, with lots of action thrown in as usual. I wonder if Akiyuki will become that lady’s gardener assistant or something.