ah, the joys and innocence of youthclearly the pocky habit came from Yomibinding my soul to that thing, no way. now if it were Sebastien...Mei, another victim of stunted screentime

Urgh. Looks like i’m gonna have to churn out 5-ep reviews for the time being. Not good, cos i’m not the type who can condense 5 eps’ worth of material into a coherent, intelligent review. More often it becomes a lamefest of stupid screencaps and, well, more stupid screencaps. They’re not even funny, i’m aware, with the exception of Kuroshitsuji. The faster the better.


she never really appreciated the bishie factor until laterthat's the second time i've said 'ow' this weeki have nothing clever to say here

I have rather ominous sentients that Ga-Rei-Zero is going to subsist almost entirely on flashbacks. This has gone on for longer than Claymore, which had the longest flashback sequence i ever saw. What haven’t we seen that isn’t a flashback in this cluster of eps? Although that’s not bad in itself, with the sombre mood that pervades the series, it comes as a sort of culture shock in ep 5 to suddenly stumble upon a half-filler in the form of a rather implausible matchmaking session between Yomi and Noriyuki. I suspect the intended effect was to develop the pair’s relationship, but as you might have seen it wasn’t exactly successful.

the Mushishi effect seems to be in vogue nowback to square one emonoooo!!! don't go!!!!signs of depression...yep

It got much better after that hiccup though. Kagura clearly matures as an exorcist, we see signs of Yomi’s eventual disintegration after her father’s death, and we’re more or less confirmed of being enlightened on The Big One in the next couple of weeks. Why didn’t they show more than 2 seconds’ worth of Tooru and Natsuki?!?!

yep, she had an affair. don't tell Nori.yeah, i'm sure running around almost-naked in urban public has alot to do with itsuffice to say, i don't think anyone ever notices yuri vibes when people in question are about to be mincemeat

On a side note, i personally have a pet peeve with some of the random things that occur in this series. Although Master Michael was passable enough. I’m not sure if it’s just due to my yuri aversions. It’s amusing at times (eg. ep3), but in other cases (ep6) it just causes the ‘whut??’ reaction to pop up in me. There’s a time and place for everything, you know…

so now we know that yaoi-land really exists

…even for yaoi.