First of all, woohoo to the fact that they didn’t go the way i expected. Secondly, it seems now that the producers are focusing on the Team no.2 and katana girl’s links with them. That’s fine and all, but how on earth will they link ep 1 to everything else? Heck, i don’t really care actually, the action’s good enough to keep me hooked for now. I really need to take Nihongo lessons when my exams end, i’m fed up having to wait for subs and missing out on all the scoops while everyone else is battering away at their keyboards.

Quick overview

Main Focus:

  • A new spirit-buster team (a la Men In Black) appears from the Ministry of Environment, Supernatural Disaster Countermeasure Division. Amusingly enough, they’re called the Disposal Unit.
  • Main characters to note:
  1. Kagura, another katana schoolgirl who also happens to chow Pocky while ridding society of evil. Shown to have closer links with katana girl no.1 than the rest, apart from Nori.
  2. Katana girl from last ep, now known as Yomi and former teammate from the Countermeasure Division. Apparently has bones with Kagura because she states that she hates her.
  3. Nori, ex-fiance of Yomi. Has twin spirit ferrets on his shoulders that can blast Cat C monsters (aka Messrs Tim Burtons) to infinity and beyond.
  4. The very cool, true blue MIB, briefcase-toting Kazuki, whose luggage doubles up as a machine gun. Oh my, just when you thought rodeo-style shootouts on motorcycles couldn’t get any better.
  • Another military meeting, this time with a surprise visit from the Chief of Ministry of Envionment, Jinguuji Ayame, and her secretary. Mostly no idea what the hell goes on in these scenes, but this time Ayame wants the surveillance info the Ministry of Defence owns concerning the 4th Special Division massacre, in return for a map of Cat A monster activity in the region.

Things to note:

  • Orz scene of DU getting stuck in traffic jams, then unceremoniously mowing all the other vehicles down afterwards.
  • MIB-style monster purification, which includes aforementioned briefcase shooting by Kazuki, arm drilling by unnamed DU driver, as well as Nori’s awesome twin spiritual foxes that cut right through Messrs Tim Burtons.
  • Appearance of Ga-Rei, which is even more pwnsome than Cat B fire tortoise. Apparently Ga-Rei is supposed to get rid of evil spirits, but well, something’s gone wrong.
  • Zombie army with purple glowing Martian brains. Resident Evil just got a huge update.
  • Another sewer scene. Watch out for at least 1 whole minute of nail-biting standoff between Kagura and Yomi. Not kidding. 1 whole minute with them doing nothing. My eyes were glued to the laptop.
  • In the same scene, katana girl fanservice. Which would have been funny if it weren’t so scary.


Like, woah. The action just keeps coming faster and faster. The producers know how to pull out all the stops. Just FYI, don’t ever watch GRZ at 4am in the morning. Your heart will thank you for it. The ferret beheading was sudden enough to give me a 5 second hyperventilation. Interesting to note that instead of using a protagonist to link the series, an antagonist is used instead. In this case, Yomi. We still haven’t figured out her connections with Tooru and the blue butterflies guy, although i hope they do so in ep 4 since ep 3 is a flashback to Yomi and Kagura’s past. I.Am.Fed.Up.With.No.SUBS.