Har har har. I must say that BONES likes messing with people’s brains. Thanks to this ep i have a renewed appetite for Furuichi-b/tard bashing, plus another ten helpings or so. Normally i don’t believe the ‘once a loser, always a loser’ doctrine, but for b/tard’s case i’ll believe it any day. But i was highly amused by Akushiba’s belting out power rock-songs at the preview for next week. Unfortunately i’ve been seeing on various blogs that Xam’d in the US won’t be rolling out any new grub after this until Japan reaches ep 12-13 as well. Le sigh.

A quiet scene on the Zanbani. Ishu and Yunbo share a bottle of wine, and Raigyo goes around snapping photos with his Spirit Camera, while Kisel finishes repairing the airship.

Akiyuki and Nakiami reach Sentan Island. While Nakiami leaves for Haru’s house, Akikuki leaves a message with Haru’s sister, who doesn’t realize that paranoid militias have bugged communications, then makes for the clinic. The army promptly tries to track him down, to no avail thanks to the awesome grannies who frequent the clinic. Nice catch-o! Akiyuki realizes that the girl who blew up the bus in the beginning is still alive, albeit in a coma. Meanwhile, his mother sees the bento he leaves for her in the house, goes berserk and runs around town trying to catch him before the army does. She manages to glimpse him for a few seconds before he disappears on the bus.

As Akiyuki finally meets Haru again, she gets upset because she has to report to the army that she has seen Akiyuki. Enter b/tard Furuichi, who this time has gone bonkers for good. And he’s now a Xam’d as well. Oh great Scott.


  • Orange-tossing grannies are awesome.
  • Furuichi gave me a sliver of hope last week that he was redeemable. And, like the b/tard he is, he threw it away. Like, whatever. I hope Enma Ai makes an unscripted appearance to take him away with her.
  • The part about Akiyuki’s mother was, like ep 11, awesome character development.
  • I really, really loathe how the army took advantage of Midori’s naivete/stupidity to hunt Akiyuki down like an animal. Of course, this is peanuts compared to what i’d like to do to b/tard Furuichi.
  • This week, i really felt the inaction compared with other static eps previously. And CG was off. What happened?

On this last point, i feel it’s akin to being a driver in F1 (sorry, can’t help it. It just ended here last month) halfway through the race at full speed, then coming to a halt all of a sudden. It shakes your momentum and makes you go ‘whut? where am i?’. That kind of thing. Xam’d being static for a couple eps for chara development is fine so far, but i’m less sure than ever where this is all going to lead to. And we never got to see Ishu’s visitation to the Emperor. Next week, next week..