Move over, Ken. Lelouch, you can go back to Suzaku. I have 1 new hot male to gush over, and his name is Sebastien.

Quick walkthrough

Setting: 19th-century England, from the looks of it. Most of the action takes place within the Phantomhive mansion, which looks Victorian-era, where our protagonists and their bumbling assistants reside. This isn’t counting the incidents that happen outside the mansion, like the kidnapping incident in ep 2.

Main Focus:

  • CIel Phantomhive, a 12-year-old orphan for unknown reasons, is the head of the household as well as the family’s toy-making company. (Who the hell came up with that in the manga, i will never know.)
  • His main (and the only capable) servant is his butler Sebastien, who also happens to be a demon in contract with him. Ep 1 just introduces the characters, but ep 2 demonstrates Sebastien’s demon abilities in more detail.

Things to look out for:

Ep 1

  • What else? Sebastien pwnage! More on this later..
  • Ciel’s brat-kid complex
  • Bumbling assistants who continually manage to destroy…alot of things.
  • Ciel’s walking stick. Which 12-year-old uses a walking stick?!

Ep 2

  • Ciel’s awesome billiard skills
  • Fruitless rodent hunting session. Note FInian’s animal suit LOLOLOL.
  • Madame Red’s molestation of Sebastien
  • Massive bitchfight between Ciel’s Chinese guests
  • Child hostage bondage/physical abuse (and Ciel’s creepy smile)
  • More Sebastien pwnage (bwahahaha)


Ep 2 was oh-so-awesome. This is compared to the relative inaction of ep 1 of course. I wonder what importance the key held. The Phantomhive fortune, likely. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of Madame Red & Co., they give more hilarity than the servants and their antics can ever provide. The producers apparently decided to go more Hellsing and give us the blood straight after the introductions. It’s quick but not too much, which is what i like.

And now for the fangirl gush. Oh Ciel, how i would kill to be in your place!

He is the epitome of cool.

He obeys your every command without complaint. YES MAI LORD!

He is the perfect romantic.

He puts every Michelin-starred chef to shame.

He knows his food history, Yakitate Japan-style.

He cares for your wellbeing.

He knows how to use civilized weapons.

He can look pretty even when he’s maimed. (Ok that’s subjective, but i don’t care.)

And then pwn you after that.