Ohmygod i have a shitload of stuff to update! Anime overload! Will have to post Xam’d ep 13 and Kuroshitsuji ep 1-2 later since i’m lagging behind with Tales of the Abyss. Well, i’m glad i stuck around with it, it’s gotten more than usual flak for basically having a blah plot pacing. My verdict? It’s not as awesome as i would have liked from a fantasy game adaptation, but IMO it’s not the worst show of the season. GONZO won an almost unanimous vote with Kurogane no Linebarrel, and i must say they pulled it off magnificently.

Quick walkthrough

Setting: Based on the fantasy game of the same name, TOTA is set on a planet called Auldrant, further divided into two warring kingdoms, Kimlasca and Malkuth. Auldrant is composed of 7 fonons (elements), the last and most recently discovered being Sound, which allows one who manipulates this particular fonon to see the future. Our resident prick protagonist of the show belongs to Kimlasca, and is a user of the 7th fonon. This is the bare bones of it, because i’m too lazy to explain all the mumbo-jumbo history of the 7 fonons that comes out in the first ep.

Main Focus:

  • Luke is the spoiled arrogant son of the Duke of Fabre, and unfortunately the prophesized Light of the Sacred Flame, born to inherit the power of Lorelei. Incarcerated in his home ever since a kidnapping incident by the Malkuth Empire 7 years ago, his life changes (oh, doesn’t it always) when a woman named Tear barges into his mansion and attacks his combat trainer, Van Grants. When he tries to defend Van, a hyper-resonance between him and Tear occurs. They end up getting blasted halfway across the world to Malkuth territory.
  • The Tear in person is part of the Oracle Knights, an army of the Order of Lorelei which is supposedly dedicated to keeping the peace. She is the sister of Van, and apparently has bones with him over something.
  • Other characters to note:
  1. Jade Curtiss, colonel in the Malkuth army
  2. Fon Master Ion, leader of the Order of Lorelei
  3. Asch, one of the Six God-Generals in the Oracle Knights (this is a very massive spoiler)
  4. Guy Cecil, babysitter/best friend to Luke
  5. Natalia (her full name is too long), fiance to Luke and princess of Kimlasca

Things to look out for:

  • Good CG, as befits a fantasy game adaptation.
  • Luke’s prick personality (one of my pet peeves)
  • Talking…..rabbits. Named cheagles. Another of my pet peeves.
  • Alvin the chipmunk Anise’s helium-turbo charged voice.
  • Good monster designs! At long last!


Design-wise, it’s going pretty good. I want Luke’s pwnsome dye job with the orange end-highlights. No gratituous striptease, thank God. First ep was fine…i think. Nothing much happened, except to demonstrate how much of a prick Luke was. Ep 2 was better in fleshing out his character, as we see that he has a kind side to him (not that he likes to admit it). He apparently also gets embarrassed easily, which i think is kinda funny. It’s pretty clear that Tear isn’t some psycho woman chasing after power or anything, since she didn’t attack Luke when he was unconscious. That part where she says something about having a bone about her birthplace could mean a few things. Did she mean Van destroyed it? Betrayed their family? It seems likely. I’ve read the stuff on Wikipedia so i’ve got a general idea of what’s going to happen, but i’m obviously not gonna be a spoiler bitch to everyone, that defeats the whole purpose of watching in the first place!

Ep 3 speeds things up alot. And i mean alot. Because we end up saying ‘huh?’ more often than ‘wow!’ most of the time. Not a nice way to go. But i’m not really complaining. Many of the Six God-Generals from the Oracle Knights appear, namely Asch, Legretta, Arietta (whose squishy toy bears an uncanny resemblance to Cheese-kun from Code Geass) and Largo. Luke is forced to grow up (hooray) when he kills an attacking soldier. And Tear gets injured at the end of the ep thanks to his still-lingering loser tendencies, so there’s definitely more grub to grab next week.