Whee. Another sci-fi series. Although i don’t understand why this series is being aired once every 2 months. It gives too much time for viewers to forget about the plot in general, not good if you want them to stay hooked.

Go Nagi! Use your pwnage flirtation skills!

Quick walkthrough

Setting: Sci-fi world where androids exist. They are typically treated by humans as Filipino maids without the employer abuse. Humans who treat androids like themselves, especially teenagers, are labelled with a condition known as ‘android-holic’. And people say social equality will get better in future. Androids can be identified apart from humans by a ring over their heads.

Main Focus:

  • A cafe where the only rule is to treat humans and androids the same. This is where student Rikuo (along with his friend Masaki) tracks his android Sammy (of the ep 1 title, who has been acting strangely and independent of his orders) to.
  • The owner of the cafe is a girl named Nagi, who is extremely sensitive to observing the ground rule, and at one point she tries to slap demerit points on Rikuo and Masaki for saying the word ‘android’.
  • Ep 2’s Akiko is a fast-talking girl who makes friends with the pair first. It is not until they accidentally catch sight of her in school that they realize she is an android. From Akiko they start to realize that androids are capable of human emotions as well.

Things to look out for:

  • The other minor characters present in the cafe. Especially the very creepy-looking Chie who thinks she’s a cat. I love her to death.
  • Loopholes in the 3 basic laws of androids. According to these laws, androids are technically capable of lying. Which effectively demonstrates Akiko’s point that humans and androids are just ‘different on the inside’.
  • The scientist on the phone at the end. Can’t have an android story without scientists, can we? Nice sinister touch, though i think this has been done a million times over.
  • The different appearances of androids, especially during the rain scene. Do they do some customize-an-android or something?
  • The comment made by Rikuo that he stopped playing the piano. Doesn’t seem all that offhand to me. Maybe he now associates it with a bad memory. Could be just my imagination.
  • Slow camera shaking. It’s not something you see alot, and it gets a bit annoying sometimes, but otherwise adds a nice effect to the CG.


What i like about this series is how static the action is, yet you feel that a million things are happening all at once – in your head. Eve no Jikan has firmly grasped the concept of a show that deals with the psychological, instead of slapping all sorts of pwnage fight sequences or whatever to cover up a mediocre storyline. As much as i like my action served to me on a platter, i think the tack Eve no Jikan aims for is equally cool. You really get into Rikuo’s head as he struggles to come to terms with his pre-formed notions of what an android should be, and how it should behave. Akiko makes you want to learn more about her as her ‘human’ and android sides are revealed. Nagi’s rigid stand on treating humans and androids equally in the cafe also raises some interest. More importantly, how the hell are they gonna squeeze tons of great storyline into 6 OVAs which come out once every 2 months?! I’ll be waiting for that one to come.