After struggling with all the computers in the house last week, i have finally given up. I will post in school from now on. Lately the broadband connection has been cooperating very well, so i’ve had the chance to catch up on Eve no Jikan and (unfortunately) go back to Ergo Proxy. Also, i’ve been stuck in the music studio for 1.5 days and counting because A level submission of my music compositional portfolio is next morning. As you can see, i’ve been watching stuff to prevent myself from going insane, and i am highly embarrassed delighted to say that Ga-Rei-Zero bashes all the expectations i had.  I have a sneaky suspicion that this week’s episode is either a prologue to the real juice, or that whoever’s left afterwards will be the main protagonist. Research on the manga last week proved to be useless, because the anime apparently has little or nothing to do with it.

Quick walkthrough

  • Setting: Sci-fi world with supernatural monsters running amok — and invisible while at it
  • Monsters are categorized, the lowest so far being D (huge fire tortoise) and highest A (female assassin at the end)
  • Main Focus: Paranormal elite dispatch team, with majority screentime given to protagonists Kanze Tooru and Kasuga Natsuki(they work as a pair with pwnage motorcycle and gunslinging skills)
  • Things to look out for:
  1. Tooru’s debut appearance at a graveyard, paying his respects to an unknown person
  2. repeated flashbacks of a weird boy surrounded with blue butterflies, his killing a lover who decided to copy Sadako, and the previous nature of the Cat A assassin who seems to have been his friend/partner, all happening 3 years back
  3. Paranormal Monsters Inc. comprising of invisible zombies, fire tortoise-snake chimeras and assassin girl
  4. Cool battle scenes which include bike tyre-smacking of monsters, firing Saiyuki-style prayer bullets, and holy water flooding (ironically, in a sewer)
  5. Yet another Tokyo Tower scene
  6. Mars Attacks! –style brain possessions
  7. Wipeout of (le gasp) the ENTIRE elite team within less than 5 minutes at the end


Now you know why i said it was genius/suicide. If the producers handle the story well enough, this could turn out to be one of the best series of the season. Unfortunately i still harbour a phobia of good shows that train-wreck at the end, so i’m not keeping my hopes high. I would have liked to see more effort put into the supernatural creature design, i don’t quite relish invisible Tim Burton inspirations. Fire Tortoise was ok though. Character-wise, Tooru and Natsuki seem to share a good chemistry. If the show goes according to my prediction and uses a reverse timeline (although i see possible pitfalls), they should get a good bit of development each. Especially for Tooru, who seems to be the no.1 protagonist with all the flashbacks from his POV and his appearance at the beginning in the graveyard.