When i finally get darned Photoshop up and running at home, i will post screencaps with abandon. For now, readers (if any) will have to suffer text, text and more text with stupid interjections scattered in places. Ep 12 was a good solid one, though not as cohesive as 11. I am very pleased that Ishu’s character is much, much more complex than her outward snappy sergeant demeanour, and it’s very likely we’ll see more of her in the weeks to come. Furuichi, however b/tarded he is, has to get some credit as well for being a redeemable loser with an inferiority complex, and as much as i hate him right now, i hope he’ll reconcile with Akayuki eventually. And, of course, accept that he can’t beat a haxxor Xam’d in contending for the hand of Haru =/

A quick walkthrough:

At the opening of the episode, Furuichi doubles over in pain and starts to lose his marbles (much to my immense satisfaction) due to the Hiruko injury he received previously, murmuring ‘Inside and out, I am Akayuki’s shadow…that’s why i can’t have anything’. (Glad you realize it, bully.) Back at the Zanbani airship, the crew waits around while Kisel repairs the ship and Akayuki digs a grave for the Humanform user, and Ishu listens to a Northern Government brainwashing session lecture-cum-manifesto on the radio. As the irritating man drones on, a black Muk-like thing oozes out of the dead Humanforms on the ship and squelches its way towards Nakiami’s room as she gazes at Tessik leader Kujireika’s photo. Bad. It apparently tries to eat her up, running away only after Roppa swoops in to save the day and leaving Nakiami badly shaken.

The lecture finally ends as Raigyo turns the radio off, telling Ishu that burial preparations are almost done, and mentions the Hiruken Emperor (Ishu says ‘he starts wars because he’s bored’). Raigyo then throws her a photo of Diamond Tower (the one that the ‘pregnant’ Xam’d was running towards), to which a disgruntled Ishu labels as undressing her with his eye. An uncertain discussion on going to meet the Emperor follows, and in the midst of it her title as the ‘Writer of the Crimson Revolution’ is revealed.

On Sentan Island, Akayuki’s father has a tense meeting with Kakisu (whose shirt-unbuttoning antics i have still not forgotten), criticizing his involvement with Dr Frankenstein-wannabe no.2 in anti-Humanform research and telling him to know his place. Creep-Kakisu fires back that the former has to share the burden as well since ‘everyone becomes an aggressor in times of war’, so Akayuki’s father prepares to walk out on him. Kakisu does a last-ditch attempt at recruiting him by using Akayuki as bait, but he doesn’t buy it.

After Akayuki finishes digging the grave, the Zanbani team hold a little funeral ceremony, complete with poetic Ruikon reflections by Yunbo and Kisel. The more pragmatic Ishu throws a sunflower into the grave, telling the dead Humanform user that she doesn’t ask for forgiveness but reconciliation. As the crew leaves, Nakiami is seized with a sudden conviction to return to Tessik VIllage, planning to ask Ishu’s permission later that night. Akayuki requests that he come along as well, in order to ‘find what Xam’d seeks’, with one wish to see Sentan Island one more time. Nakiami eventually gets Ishu’s green light after dinner, but not before we find out that the ‘black spirit’ (i.e. icky Muk-like thing) actually violated her instead of trying to eat her (erk), and an emotional farewell as Nakiami declares her affection for Ishu (no yuri vibes here). The rest of the Zanbani crew give their good wishes to Akayuki and Nakiami before they set off in the Beat Kayak, including Akushiba offering his Fanasy Goggles at a discounted 400 kafu (lol the pervert).

After Haru finishes military mugging at camp base, she goes to Furuichi’s house to check on him. As usual, the prideful b/tard insists on being sore and driving her away, but she comes in anyway, and notices his Hiruko wound. After some more idiotic resistance, she finally gets fed up and slaps him (yes!!!). Furuichi finally softens and breaks down, saying he wants to return to the old times.


A pet peeve i had with this ep was the amount of random poetic mojo spouted by the Zanbani crew. And this is coming from a Literature student. Yes, there was a burial, and yes, it made for comedic material (Akushiba telling Kisel his haiku had too many syllables), but it kind of fell out with the main gist of the plot at this point. And before this, the annoying manifesto. When i rewatched the ep, it dawned on me that it might be leading up to a bigger chunk of the plot, given the ‘Regarding Enemies’ title and the creepier part during which icky Muk lookalike goes out to rape Nakiami. All the same, it was pretty funny hearing the ‘When can i call him my Enemy! When can i call him my Enemy!’ at the end.

On the other hand, it’s a good transition ep to a meatier storyline. Akayuki and Nakiami’s removal to Sentan Island, then Tessik Village, will prove interesting, since the end preview shows that the army is as trigger-happy as all armies inevitably are in times of war. Ishu’s unconfirmed visitation to the Hiruken Emperor will also hopefully shed some more light on the Diamond Tower, and why its effect is so pronounced on Xam’d.