FYI, i’ve just received the biggest shock of my life as i’ve accidentally deleted the entire content of my first 2 posts. All because i was fiddling around with the WordPress functions and trying to do the equivalent of the LJ cut, which operates entirely differently from the ‘insert more tag’ here. Oh well. Can’t live life without learning, can we. At any rate, i’ve duly learnt my lesson. I’ll try to salvage the other posts on Monday or so, but i don’t think it’s of much importance.

So i was watching the last episode of D-Grayman last night and i discovered that Arts Central’s Animania will be screening simulcasts of Casshern SINS, Toradora! and Skip Beat! from next Wednesday onwards, due to the wrap-up of Neo Angelique Abyss and above series. I can’t remember what they were showing previously on Thursdays, it was either Burst Angel or Monster i think. Although the new shows don’t pose any particular interest to me, they’re a most welcome change from NAA, which i think was a rather terrible companion to La Corda D’Oro because the basis for the plot was almost identical (i.e. the Fushigi Yuugi male harem without the torrid romances littering the way). I’ll probably watch a bit of Skip Beat! if i have time, but i’m too preoccupied with Xam’d Lost Memories and Eve no Jikan at the moment.